Payment Security

We are a merchant of one of the top and most secure and trusted global payment gateways, Braintree - a PayPal company through which payment is securely processed. We do not have access to any of your payment data.

Payment methods

You can pay with a Credit Card (including AMEX), PayPal, or Google Pay. European-based customers can also pay with a direct SEPA debit.

If you're unable to pay with any of the above methods, you can also pay by wire transfer, but only if you pick annual billing.

In case of payment failures, click here.

Billing cycles

DataHawk payments are subscriptions, which are charged at a recurring frequency, either monthly or annually, based on what you selected when upgrading your account. 

You will get charged at the end of each recurring billing cycle based on the frequency of your billing period. For example, if you subscribe to a paid plan on the 3rd of October, billed monthly, you'll get charged immediately, then every following 30 days, until you cancel your subscription.

Annual Billing

Although the annual amount is charged upfront, it is more economical to go for yearly billing over monthly billing.

You are free to change your subscription plan anytime. To know more about subscription plans, click here.

Visit this helpful article to learn more about switching to another subscription plan or annual billing.

Downgrades, upgrades, and cancellations

You can change your subscription anytime from your account section within our web application by choosing the plan you want to switch.


Invoices can be downloaded directly from your DataHawk account for payments by credit card or PayPal. It may take up to 48 hours for a new payment to have its invoice available for download in your account.

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