Yes, it is possible for you to customize your Keywords and ASINs quotas if you are on the Growth plan or above. This should allow you to avoid upgrading to a larger plan and paying for extra Keywords and ASINs you're not tracking, or for features you don't need. 

Just send us a message with your desired quotas and we will update your account accordingly.

Your custom subscription price can be calculated with the following formula:
Monthly Cost = K x KP + A x AP

K = Number of daily tracked Keywords
A = Number of daily tracked ASINs


KP (or Keyword Price) is
$0.5180/keyword/month for Growth plan subscribers (over 150 Keywords)
$0.4966/keyword/month for Pro plan subscribers (over 300 Keywords)
$0.4800/keyword/month for Pro+ plan subscribers (over 700 Keywords)
$0.4369/keyword/month for Corporate plan subscribers (over 1,500 Keywords)

AP (or ASIN Price) is
$0.0720/ASIN/month for Growth plan subscribers (over 300 ASINs)
$0.0720/ASIN/month for Pro plan subscribers (over 700 ASINs)
$0.0424/ASIN/month for Pro+ plan subscribers (over 1,500 ASINs)
$0.0360/ASIN/month for Corporate plan subscribers (over 4,000 ASINs)

For example, if you'd like to track 500 Keywords and 700 ASINs, your monthly subscription cost would be $298 per month, corresponding to 500 x $0.4966 + 700 x $0.0720.

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