Who can use DataHawk Sales Reporting?

If you're an Amazon Seller, i.e. a Seller Central user, you can connect multiple Seller accounts to the same DataHawk account, allowing you to automatically get a beautiful reporting of your real sales, in a very friendly and intuitive format, right inside of DataHawk, while also making it possible for you to export the data to Excel.

This Reporting will save you hours of tedious work and will allow you to unlock tremendous insights about the correlation between your sales, best seller rank, keyword rankings, product listing, and advertising campaigns, ultimately helping you increase your sales and optimize your performance.

You can authorize DataHawk to pull your seller data on your Seller Central account using Amazon Merchant Web Services, or MWS.

Which marketplaces are supported?

DataHawk supports Seller Central sales reporting for two Amazon regions. Each region requires one connection:

  • North America: ┬áthe US, Canada, and Mexico.

  • Europe & India: France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, and India.

Who is eligible to make the setup?

Only the primary Seller Central account owner has the rights to manage the Apps section on Seller Central and is hence the only person able to connect her Seller account to DataHawk.

If you're not the primary account owner, we recommend you share this documentation with the person that holds full access to the Seller account, or send her the appropriate link to grant DataHawk permission to the account as explained in the following section, then have her share with you the authorization token. The setup should take less than minute.

How to connect your Seller Account to DataHawk

Log in to your Seller Central account then click on the button(s) below, depending on the marketplace(s) you want to connect to DataHawk. If you're not the account holder, share the appropriate link with the person that opened the Seller account.

With the above, you could jump to step number 4 below.

1. Go to Seller Central, from the Apps & Services menu, click on Discover Apps.

2. In the search bar, type DataHawk then pick it from the results.

3. In DataHawk's app page, click on Authorize Now on the right side of the screen.

4. This will take you to a screen with pre-filled data about the Developer's Name and ID. Click on Next.

  • Developer's Name: DataHawk Technologies

  • North America Developer ID: 103954724499

  • Europe & India Developer ID: 076808281569

5. Then confirm the following form by clicking on Next.

Great, you should now have successfully allowed DataHawk to access your seller data with MWS. You will need to copy some information that you will need to paste on DataHawk.

6. Write down your Seller ID and the MWS Auth Token somewhere
, you will need to enter their value on DataHawk for the set up to be completed.

7. Add the Seller ID & DataHawk Technologies' MWS Auth Token on DataHawk

Go back to DataHawk MWS Sales Manager to continue the set-up of the connection between DataHawk and your Seller Central account. Click on Connect a New MWS Account and paste your Seller ID as well as the MWS Auth Token in the corresponding fields. You will need to Run a Test first. If the Connection is successful, you're good to go and can Save the set-up information.

Note that it will take us up to 2 hours to fully synchronize your historical data for the first time. Keep in mind that we update Sales data twice a day.

And you're done!

Renewing and Managing Access

DataHawk's access authorization to your Seller account needs to be renewed every year. You can do so from the Manage your Apps page on Seller Central.

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