Currently, DataHawk allows you to set up one type of scheduled reports: the Keywords Ranks Performance report.

What are Scheduled Reports?

Scheduled Reports are Excel reports that recipients can receive automatically in their email inbox periodically, at a specific day of the week or month.

How to set up a Scheduled Report?

1. Navigate to the Reporting page from the left navigation menu and click on "Create new Scheduled Report"

2. In the Project field, start typing the name of one of your existing projects, a dropdown will appear suggesting you to pick the appropriate one.
3. In the Report Type field, you can select the type of report you want to configure. Currently, you can only set up a Keywords Ranks Performance report.
4. In the Send field, you can select how often the automated report should be sent. Currently, it can be sent on a weekly basis solely. You can also select on which day of the week you want it to be sent. The reports are sent usually around 12 pm UTC time or 8 am EDT time.
5. Hit Save.
The report is now scheduled to be sent automatically to the email address attached to your DataHawk account.

Advanced Options

You can configure your reports to be sent to a specific list of email recipients while also having the ability to customize the email text your recipients will read.
To do so, on step 4 above, you can further configure advanced sending options by clicking on "Show Advanced Report Options".
5. In the Recipients field, enter the list of emails that should be receiving the report. After each email address, you will need to press tab or hit enter before entering a second email. You can select up to 5 recipients.
6. In the Custom Text field, you can write a message that your recipients will be able to read in the email.

The Keywords Ranks Performance report

The Keywords Ranks Performance report lists how all your tracked products rank for each and every single keyword in the same project over the past 30 days, while displaying the last 7 days average rank, and comparing it to the previous period.

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