Connect your Amazon Ads Manager credentials to DataHawk and get access to an intuitive dashboard reporting your main Amazon advertising KPIs on a child ASIN level. Setting up your account with DataHawk will enable you to monitor and track:

  • Impressions and clicks

  • CTR, CPC, Ad Spend and Ad Sales

  • ACoS, TACoS, Conversion Rate, and Total Sales

  • Blended CPS and Ad Sales Weight

  • Organic Sales, Organic Sales Weight, and Post-Ads Margin

DataHawk allows you to set up your Ads account in various ways.

Follow the steps below to connect your advertising account to DataHawk.

  1. Navigate to the “Advertising” page through the left navigation menu by clicking on the “advertising icon”

    2. Click “Connect a new Advertising Account” on the SEA page. This will take you
        to the "Integrations" section where you have the information on Ads Credentials
        in a tabular format.

    3. When you click on “Connect a new Advertising Account” on the top right corner
        of the Integrations Page, “Connect your Amazon Ads Account” pop-up would  
        appear for you to choose the region corresponding to your Amazon account.

    4. Finally, log in to your Amazon account to grant DataHawk access to your                        Advertising data. 

You could reach the Integrations page to connect your Ads Account through the following ways also: 

  1. Through the workspace section on the Home-Page.

    2. Through the SEA Dashboard on the homepage.

    3. Through the settings tab under the profile menu on the top right.

Enable/ Disable credentials : 

You can also choose to enable or disable credentials whenever you want. Simply click on “Enable/ Disable credentials” under the “Actions” column.

DataHawk SEA enables you to connect one or multiple Amazon Advertising accounts to the platform to get an advanced and intuitive reporting of your daily advertising performance.

Monitor, analyze, and increase the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and reduce your ACoS.

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