Connect your Amazon Ads account to DataHawk and access intuitive dashboards reporting your main Amazon advertising KPIs on a child ASIN level. Setting up your account with DataHawk will enable you to monitor and track:

  • Impressions and clicks

  • CTR, CPC, Ad Spend, and Ad Sales

  • ACoS, TACoS, Conversion Rate, and Total Sales

  • Blended CPS and Ad Sales Weight

  • Organic Sales, Organic Sales Weight, and Post-Ads Margin

How to connect your Amazon Advertising account?

1. Go to the Sources overview and click on + Add" next to Amazon Advertising.

2. This will lead you to the Add Source page, wherein you can select the geographical region of the marketplace you cater to. Hovering over the region will display the countries under the said regions.

3. Selecting the region will redirect you to the Amazon Login page. Use your ID and password to log in as usual.

4. Once logged in, you'll be prompted to allow a sign-in to DataHawk. Click "Allow" to begin syncing your Advertising account.

5. Post authorization, you will be redirected to the DataHawk Platform. Under the Advertising Accounts tab, you can view the account(s) you allowed DataHawk to access.

Which marketplaces are supported?

DataHawk supports Seller Central reporting for three Amazon regions:

North America: US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Europe: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, UAE, Sweden, and Poland.

Far East: Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

DataHawk enables you to connect one or multiple Amazon Advertising accounts to the platform to get advanced and intuitive reporting of your daily advertising performance.

Monitor, analyze, and increase the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and reduce your ACoS.

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