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What is Buy Box Available Quantity?
What is Buy Box Available Quantity?

What is "Buy Box Available Quantity" on Product Metrics and how is it helpful?

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DataHawk allows you to monitor the available product quantity that's available for purchase from the Buy Box, with a maximal trackable quantity of 30 units.

This is done through a metric, we call "Buy Box Available Quantity," which can be seen in a Product Metrics page, on DataHawk. If a product has less than 30 units that are available for purchase, as reflected by the seller winning the Buy Box, then the tool allows you to monitor this sort of inventory availability on a winning-seller-basis.

For instance, here, we can see the available quantity is 3 for the seller, ”saveMEdeals” which is quite low in comparison with the previous day winner “Optimus Trade Inc” with 30 SKUs. This indicates clearly that there could be different factors at the same time contributing to winning a Buy Box, for example, inventory, shipment, seller history, etc.

How to monitor who is winning the Buy Box?

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