DataHawk's Amazon Sales Rank Tracker is a tool to track daily changes in sales ranks or Best Sellers Rank on any product on Amazon across multiple browse nodes or categories, whether you're tracking 10 products or 100,000.

It is from here that you may have the sales rank data for ASINs, from the time you have started tracking them on DataHawk.

However, if the product is newly-tracked, and, it has made it to the top 100 lists in a given category, you will be able to quickly monitor the data on sales rank for such products in a given category.

Also, if the ASIN has already been tracked by some other DataHawk user, you will have readily available data on their sales ranks.

And, for the newly tracked products and those that do not end up sitting with the Top 100 best selling products, it's on a moving forward basis.

With DataHawk's BSR Browser, you have access to a list of top 100 products in the selected category.

Interesting fact: We have more than 3 years of historical BSR data on any product that has ever made it to the top 100 sales ranks in any browse node/category on Amazon (over 22,000 nodes), so that's tens of millions of products (2.2M+ unique products every day)

Learn how to track daily changes in Sales Rank or BSR of any product on Amazon.

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