How to get access to Payoneer Capital Advance Grow and Foreign Exchange offers?
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As a Datahawk user, you can get direct access to Payoneer Foreign Exchange and Capital Advance Grow offers at attractive conditions, within DataHawk software.

1- What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a payment industry leader that enables million of SMBs and freelancers to receive payments anywhere, at any time. Within eCommerce, they have over 100,000 active Amazon seller customers, and they power payments to sellers on other leading eCommerce marketplaces such as Walmart, Wish, Cdiscount, Lazada, and Shopee.

Payoneer empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries, and currencies through its innovative cross-border payments and

working capital platform.

Founded in 2005 and based in New York, Payoneer is ranked in the top 100 of Inc. 5000’s Financial Services companies.

2- What is Payoneer Foreign Exchange?

With Payoneer Foreign Exchange offer, receive Amazon disbursement in your local currency, avoiding high currency conversion fees usually charged by Amazon.

Sellers are issued local receiving accounts across 9 countries/currencies (in line with Amazon’s key marketplaces).

Sellers are able to receive Amazon disbursements in the local currency, avoiding Amazon’s currency conversion which applies a margin of up to 4%.

With the balance in their account, sellers can:

  • Withdraw to their home bank account (with preferential currency conversion)

  • Pay suppliers and service providers anywhere in the world

  • Pay for local VAT obligations for free
    Pay (or be paid) other Payoneer users instantly and for free

  • Load funds onto a pre-paid Mastercard for cash withdrawals and in-store/online purchases

The Payoneer account represents the most complete and cost-efficient way for Amazon sellers to receive their sales disbursements and pay suppliers globally.

By creating your Payoneer account through DataHawk, you can now monitor your Foreign Exchange activity directly on the DataHawk app.

2- What is Payoneer Capital Advance solution?

Capital Advance Express and Grow are two Payoneer solutions that can help you expand your Amazon business by getting funds in minutes.

Access to cash flow is a critical challenge for eCommerce sellers. Payoneer’s Working Capital solution enables you to access to up to 100% of your payments instantly, empowering you to scale quickly and capitalize on new opportunities.

Payoneer determines the amount of an offer based on past seller performance as well as predicted future sales. Sellers are notified of eligibility via email and are able to see their offer immediately in their Payoneer Account and in DataHawk platform.

Payoneer collects a portion of each marketplace payment you receive from the store associated with the Capital Advance; the remaining amount of the payment is available in your Payoneer account to use as the need to run your business. The collection continues until a settlement is complete, that is until the full settlement amount is collected plus the fixed fee.

Upon acceptance, funds land immediately in the seller’s account. Payoneer collects payment on the originally scheduled date (in line with a marketplace’s payment cycle) and distributes the remaining funds to the payee minus the service fee.

Grow your brand with increased marketing investments, buy more inventory before peak season, and expand into new products and markets.

3- Why should you care?

Through our exclusive partnership with Payoneer, you will immediately be graduated to the premium Capital Advance Grow product which offers a better settlement plan and more capital.

Direct access to Payoneer’s top-tier Capital Advance Grow offers, which are instant cash advances worth up to 100% of your average monthly volume, capped at $750,000. These cash injections for your business include a 3 to 4 months collection period and an attractive fixed fee as low as 3.5% without any credit checks or personal guarantees required.

Advantages of Capital Advance Grow offer:

• One attractive fixed fee

• No personal guarantee is required to be eligible (pre-approved)

• No credit checks, just opportunity

Start seizing opportunities for business growth by creating your Payoneer account!

4- How to get started?

1- Go to your Financing section in Datahawk app

2- Click on "Create a Payoneer Account"

3- Make Payoneer your payment method on Amazon.

4- Connect your Amazon store to Payoneer’s Store Manager.

5- Start receiving payments into your Payoneer account and accept your first offer!

5- Connect Payoneer to DataHawk?

Once your account is approved, navigate to Financing and allow Syncing.

Now we're good to go!

6- Need more help?

Please visit Capital Advance FAQ


The Capital Advance services and/or any exclusive offers that Payoneer provides may vary, from time to time, at Payoneer's sole discretion. The Capital advance program/ services are provided by Payoneer Early Payments Inc. and are subject to Payoneer’s eligibility criteria and terms and conditions.

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