Amazon Seller Metrics that you can access through DataHawk
Here's a checklist of all the data points that you can access through DataHawk
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DataHawk software suite gives you the right Amazon selling tools and data insights to build an unfair advantage selling on the hyper-competitive Amazon eCommerce space.

*You do not need a connection from your VC or SC accts.

Checklist of Amazon Product Metrics that you can access through DataHawk:

1. Amazon Ratings and Reviews Metrics

Track changes in average rating and rating distribution and the number of reviews. You have:

  • Number of Ratings

  • Star Rating

2. Buy Box Metrics

Track changes in Buy Box status, price, and winner. You have:

  • Seller Name and price

  • Win Rate

  • Average Price

  • Price Range

  • Price Variance

3. Amazon Sales Rank Metrics

Track changes in sales ranks or BSR in multiple nodes. You have:

  • Amazon Sales Rank over the selected time range across the different categories where Amazon prominently displays it.

  • Best Seller Ranking: You have access to 100 best selling products in over 22,000 categories on Amazon and the ability to go as deep as 7 or 8 levels (browse nodes)

Data points include:

  1. Sales Rank

  2. Competitiveness Score

  3. Rating

  4. Reviews

  5. Price

  6. Estimated Monthly Sales

  7. Estimated pre-COGS Margin

You can export historical BSR data for up to 3 years.

4. Amazon Keyword Metrics

  • We track all the ASINs ranking organically against all the keywords you choose.

  • Reverse ASIN Ranking: How all the ASINs you're tracking within this project rank for this Keyword.

  • Daily positioning (Page and page position) both organic and sponsored.

  1. Display rank for exact ASIN and its variations.

  2. If the ASIN is sponsored, you have access to details, like, sponsored appearance on page 1 or 2, etc.

  3. Breakdown of products by Top 3, 4to10, 11to16, etc.

  • Keywords Lookup

We reveal all the keywords the selected ASIN has ever ranked for (first 5 pages of search)

The data points include:

  1. Keyword ranking

  2. Search Volume

  3. CPC data/ keyword

  • Keyword Generator

Keywords based on our Artificial Intelligence semantic analysis of related words and top-ranking products related to the selected keyword.

5. Amazon Product Listing Metrics

  • Daily tracking of page content

  1. Most used words/phrases

  2. Media count (image, video, spin, etc)

  3. Title, all bullets, description

We store this history and can report on the slightest changes to page content for any ASIN you track on DataHawk.

  • Amazon Listing Quality Score: A score to assess how a product’s listings comply with Amazon’s guidelines.

  • Listing Quality Subscores: Computation of the score on per listing asset basis and suggestions to optimize.

6. Amazon Ads Metrics

You are able to connect one or multiple Amazon Ads accounts to DataHawk. You have access to the following Amazon Ads Campaign KPIs on an account as well as child ASIN level:

  • Impressions and clicks

  • CTR, CPC, Ad Spend, and Ad Sales

  • Amazon ACoS, TACoS, Conversion Rate, and Total Sales

  • Blended CPS and Ad Sales Weight

  • Organic Sales, Organic Sales Weight, and Post-Ads Margin

7. Amazon Sales Metrics

DataHawk gives you access to the sales reporting dashboard with an instant view of daily sales data even on an ASIN-level.

You can monitor & track the following data points:

  • ASINs sales data

  • Sales growth

  • Units Sold

  • Average selling price

  • BSR or Sales Rank

8. Amazon Alerts:

We have comprehensive reporting capabilities and customized alerts for everything:

  • Product entering top 10 or any position

  • Drops out of top 10 or any position

  • Becomes a category best-seller

  • The buy box is lost

  • New seller competing for the buy box

  • Price increase/decrease (percentage or $ amount)

  • Listing changes

  • Media changes

  • Critical rating changes

Triggers are fully customizable and can be sent via email to anyone you like.

9. DataHawk Exports:

Everything is exportable to excel. Exporting will give you the list of the products & keywords that you are tracking along with a ton of information related to them, for instance, Search Volume, CPC, Reviews, Ratings & Pricing(for products ranking on that keyword), and more.

Read our article to do it in just 2mins.

10. DataHawk API:

We have an API you can use as well.

DataHawk API allows you to manage your DataHawk account and access all the great metrics we provide without going through our web application.

Here’s all the information you need to get started.

11. DataHawk Report Center:

The Report Center allows you to instantly run or schedule various data exports in spreadsheet format to be sent to your inbox or specific email recipients at your desired frequency. Learn more about it.

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