What is the Profit & Loss Dashboard?

DataHawk's Profit & Loss Metrics Dashboard is a feature within the Amazon Financial Solution. As part of our Amazon Analytics Solution platform, this tool allows you to keep track of your money in vs. your money out to determine which of your financial actions will lead to higher and more consistent profits.

What's unique about the Profit & Loss Dashboard?

This feature is a step up from using a simple top-line dashboard. This is a fully-pimped-out profit & loss tool including both top-line & bottom-line.

With this product, you can display detailed information on:

  • Amazon fees (e.g. FBA fee, commissions)

  • PPC spends, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs.

  • You can also view your profits and losses by time period, by account, and by marketplace.

Specific Profit & Loss Dashboard features include:

  • Fast sync

  • Examine P&L across multiple accounts

  • P&L data is synced automatically when your Seller Central and Advertising accounts are connected

  • Historically blended with your COGS import

  • Data can be exported to Excel for further analysis

Did we mention a more beautiful dashboard for your viewing pleasure?

These metrics can be computed by DataHawk's software when you login and connect your accounts.

To begin, you will want to login to your DataHawk account, then open the Finance Analytics tool from the menu on the left hand side. If your accounts are already connected, your P&L data will be ready and waiting for you!

Starting from left to right, you can choose which accounts to analyze. Then you can filter further by marketplace, ASIN, and so forth. Being able to pick multiple marketplaces in different currencies is unique to DataHawk's Profit & Loss product.

Your data will be aggregated from all of your international marketplaces. That data is automatically converted into a single currency based on the historic daily exchange rate, depending on the date range you are looking at.

From the screenshot above, you can view all of the various metrics the Profits & Loss tool will show you. As you can see, the dashboard shows your:

  • Gross sales

  • Refund associated expenditure

  • Amazon fees

  • Shipping fees

  • Advertising costs, and so forth

As an option, you can upload your COGS. You will see on the right hand side a button that reads "import expenses". This is where you can import excel files, for example, with your COGS so that DataHawk can work it's magic. Don't be concerned if the data takes a few hours to populate - this is normal. You can also filter your data to zoom in on specific metrics based on date, product, etc.

You can also generate reports for raw data analysis, then export these into an external excel file.

The Profit & Loss Dashboard is available for you to use if you are:

  • A Free User can view up to the last 14 days of data. If you want access to anything before that timeframe, you need to subscribe.

  • If you do not subscribe to any Financial Tools, you can also use the module to access the last 14 days worth of data. You will still need to plug in your advertising account.

  • Subscribers to our Financial Reporting solutions, either on it's own or part with your full-subscription can also enjoy thi feature.

Overall, the Profit & Loss Metrics feature is an ideal way to get a quick and comprehensive understanding of your sales and profitability performance. Monitoring a detailed view of your revenue (top line) and expenses (bottom line) is the key to tracking the impact of your actions. With this tool, you can determine which will contribute to higher and more stable profits.

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