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DataHawk Analytics Tools For Walmart Marketplace
DataHawk Analytics Tools For Walmart Marketplace

Multi-channel sellers rejoice - you can use DataHawk's all-in-one analytics suite for Walmart Marketplace.

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If you're not using Walmart Marketplace yet, you should be. Why? gets over 100,000,000 unique shoppers per month, but only about 100,000 third-party sellers are on the platform.

Compared to Amazon’s roughly 10 million third-party sellers, the Walmart Platform offers an opportunity for large-scale revenue and far less competition than Amazon.

Features include:

  • Essential data pulled from Walmart Product Pages, Keyword Organic Search Results data, and Category Best Sellers.

  • Reporting is available for the following metrics:

    • Walmart Category Best Sellers

    • Walmart Category Best Selling Products

    • Walmart Share Of Voice

    • Walmart Tracked Items

    • Walmart Product Data

    • Walmart Keywords Search Results

  • Walmart Product Report - historical raw data of Sellers’ tracked products

  • Walmart Organic Rank Report - historical raw data of tracked keywords

  • Walmart Share of Voice Report

    • The Share of Voice is the Premium Report for Sellers on Walmart

  • Market analysis Report

  • Product Data Report- for Organic results

    • *** Both Organic and Sponsored reports are consolidated under Brands consolidated data Report

All Walmart reports are available on the Report Center


Walmart usage will consume the existing subscription quota

  • Tracking Walmart products consume Product Quotas

  • Tracked Walmart keywords consume Keywords Quotas

  • Running Walmart premium reports consumes Analysis Credits

You can sell on Walmart at no extra cost. All of our plans come with limited access features for If you are interested in unlimited access, we offer a 14-day risk-free trial.

How to use DataHawk for Walmart:

  • Go to Analytics / Projects / Create Project

    • Add Project Name / Optional description / Choose Walmart US Marketplace

You can research your Walmart products and competitors through the Market section, accessible through DataHawk Analytics.

You can also generate reports in the Reports & Automation area of the Dashboard. Some of the reports are limited to premium plan users.

The following reports can be generated for Walmart Marketplace:

  • Walmart Category Best Sellers- A report analyzing the best-selling brands and products on Walmart in any given category over the selected time frame.

  • Walmart Category Best Selling Products- A report analyzing up to 30 days of history for best-selling brands and products on Walmart in any given category and geography over the selected time frame by looking at products that made it to the top 100 ranks in terms of Best Sellers Rank.

  • Walmart Share Of Voice- A report analyzing the search or digital shelf performance of brands on Walmart via Share of Voice, a KPI reflecting brands' visibility for specific search queries. The report shows how visible different brands and their products are on Walmart organically, for a given set of search terms, over a given time frame, in a given geography.

  • Walmart Tracked Items- Keywords and products tracked on Walmart

  • Walmart Product Data- A report displaying Walmart product data

  • Walmart Keywords Search Results- Exports historical search results data related to a given group of keywords for a selected time period

Note: Although Data is fetched from Amazon & Walmart once a day, data in Connections is updated every hour to ensure you see updated information on the product you start tracking.

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