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What is DataHawk Intelligence?
What is DataHawk Intelligence?
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Intelligence is the module where you can find quick time-to-value and actionable knowledge on enhancing your business operations by setting up Alerts and receiving proactive notifications called Insights.


Insights are proactive notifications that are based on automatic data exploration and surface anomalies or findings in your data. They cover all business domains, your ads, products, SEO performance, and market, and they are quick to set up, assuming that you provide us access to your advertising and sales data.


Alerts are notifications you can manually set up to automate the detection of product changes. They notify you of daily changes across different properties, such as listing details, reviews, ratings, Buy Box, and pricing. Email alerts are sent to you and your team based on specific triggers or changes across products you track in your workspace.

What Are Some Examples of Alerts?

Product Listing Alerts: Receive alerts on changes in any Amazon or Walmart product listing information such as title, image, description, and bullet points.

Hijacker Alerts: Receive alerts when our software detects an unauthorized seller selling a counterfeit or similar version of your product on Amazon or Walmart.

Sales Rank Alerts: Receive alerts when products you track on Amazon or Walmart drop out of the top 10 BSR or when a product's BSR reaches a specific value.

Price Change Alerts: Receive alerts on the price changes of any product you track on Amazon or Walmart and customize the range of price changes.

Buy Box Alerts: Receive alerts when you lose or win the Buy Box on Amazon or Walmart and get updates on who is winning the Buy Box and what price.

Rating Alerts: Receive alerts when your products or competitors get new reviews and when there are changes to the number of star ratings of any product.

Out of Stock Alerts: Receive alerts when the stock drops or the status goes from "in stock" to "out of stock" for any product you track on Amazon or Walmart.

Sellers Alerts: Receive alerts when there are changes to the number of sellers selling a particular product on Amazon and Walmart.

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