DataHawk Intelligence is a product where users can find quick time-to-value actionable knowledge on how to enhance their Amazon or Walmart business operations. There are three different types of intelligence features users can choose from, or select a combination of all three: alerts, insights, and reports.


Insights are notifications paired with recommendations for action. They either cover eCommerce essentials or are tailored to your business thanks to proactive and reactive AI-powered suggestions to help you operate your daily Amazon and Walmart business operations with confidence. They allow you to skip any data analysis you would have to run otherwise and redirect your attention to relevant changes that have affected your product's performance online so that you can address them promptly.

What Are Some Examples of Insights?

Recommendation: Adapt Product Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110 product detail page to integrate the following high-ranking keywords, wired earphones.

Recommendation: Reduce or stop bidding on keyword comfortable earphones.

Warning: Competitor brand Philips launched Philips PH805 Active Noise Canceling (ANC) new product.

Warning: Product Sony SEL1655G Alpha 16-55mm F2.8 G Standard Zoom listing quality went down.

Opportunity: Competitor Product Philips PH805 Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is not available.

Change: Product Philips PH805 Active Noise Canceling (ANC) title changed significantly.


Generate or schedule data export in spreadsheet or PDF format to obtain detailed reports on your Amazon or Walmart products, keywords, finance, and advertising performance. Reports allow you to more accurately measure, benchmark, and enhance your performance in areas such as Share of Voice, Category Best Seller, Category Best Selling Products, and Tracked ASINs Keyword Ranks.

What Can You Do With Reports?

  • Track search results data to determine keyword competitiveness

  • Assess the market share and competitive dynamics of products

  • Examine organic keyword ranking and search performance

  • Access keyword recommendations to boost SEO performance

  • Evaluate advertising performance and campaign efficacy


Alerts are based on custom rules and triggers related to changes in any product that you can activate to receive real-time notifications. They allow you to address noteworthy changes or react to any modifications that solicit a timely response. You can set up and receive alerts related to changes in any of your or your competitors’ products on Amazon and Walmart to stay up to date with all the changes affecting your business performance.

What Are Some Examples of Alerts?

Product Listing Alerts: Receive alerts on changes in any Amazon or Walmart product listing information such as title, image, description, and bullet points.

Hijacker Alerts: Receive alerts when our software detects an unauthorized seller selling a counterfeit or similar version of your product on Amazon or Walmart.

Sales Rank Alerts: Receive alerts when products you track on Amazon or Walmart drop out of the top 10 BSR or when a product's BSR reaches a specific value.

Price Change Alerts: Receive alerts on the price changes of any product you track on Amazon or Walmart and customize the range of price changes.

Buy Box Alerts: Receive alerts when you lose or win the Buy Box on Amazon or Walmart and get updates on who is winning the Buy Box and what price.

Rating Alerts: Receive alerts when your products or competitors get new reviews and when there are changes to the number of star ratings of any product.

Out of Stock Alerts: Receive alerts when the stock drops or the status goes from "in stock" to "out of stock" for any product you track on Amazon or Walmart.

Sellers Alerts: Receive alerts when there are changes to the number of sellers selling a particular product on Amazon and Walmart.

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