DataHawk Analytics is a set of tools that allow you to efficiently track, measure, and analyze your Amazon and Walmart optimization efforts with historical and up-to-date digital shelf analytics on your SEO, product, market, advertising, and finance data.

Digital shelf analytics include metrics such as listing content, the share of search, ratings, reviews, number of sellers, stock status, sales, traffic, and conversion rate. These metrics are presented in intuitive dashboards designed to give you a holistic view of your performance and identify areas that can be improved.

SEO Analytics

SEO analytics are predominantly used to grow organic traffic, increase conversation rates, and improve visibility on Amazon and Walmart. They allow you to measure your organic search performance and some of the tools even offer recommendations on how to optimize the content on product detail pages.

SEO Analytics Tools

The Keyword Research Tool

Spot the exact number of keywords a product has ranked for at some point organically and assess the estimated monthly search volume of each keyword you track to understand their level of competition. You can also track keywords based on related ones and corresponding top-ranking products' keywords, conduct a competitive analysis of keywords, and examine AI-generated Competition Scores for keywords to determine which ones are worth pursuing and which ones are simply too difficult to rank organically.

The Listing Optimization Tool

Monitor how the changes in a product listing impact organic search performance and generate a Listing Quality Score to identify which aspects of your product details page work best for your listings. You can also analyze a detailed Listing Analysis dashboard to assess different aspects of your product's listing, such as keyword usage and frequency, media count, the history of your changes, title, and bullet-point information. What’s more, you can analyze a breakdown of tracked products by the status of their Listing Quality Score and receive suggestions on optimizing the content of those products.

The Keyword Rank Tracking Tool:

Track up-to-date ranking data to monitor daily changes in the organic search performance of any product, determine which keywords drive the most traffic, and measure the success of your SEO changes. You can also examine changes in any keywords' rank history to increase organic traffic by identifying which keywords rank in the top position on the search results page to earn more clicks and obtain data-driven insights on which keywords have the highest search volume.

Product Analytics

Product analytics refers to metrics related to retail search, product data, competitive insights, and sales performance and are used to monitor and respond timely to changes in your or your competitors' products by tracking and getting alerts on your product's performance on Amazon and Walmart.

Product Analytics Tools

The Sales Rank Tracker Tool

Track daily changes in the best seller rank or sales rank across multiple categories to accurately gauge the sales performance of any product and analyze the product's competitive dynamics. You can also monitor historical BSR data to identify trends and patterns, analyze how the trajectory of your sales impacts your sales ranking, and examine how your daily sales velocity correlates with your sales rank.

The ASIN Tracker Tool

Leverage competitive insights by monitoring daily changes in the metrics and listing information for any product, including price, reviews, ratings, sales rank, and Buy Box data. This tool allows you to effortlessly track changes in the number of reviews, average ratings, rating distribution, product ranking, and changes in sales rank.

The Product Alerting Tool

Receive customizable proactive or reactive alerts based on custom rules or triggers related to changes in any of your products or your competitors' products to track and respond to changes in your listings in a timely fashion. You can choose to set up any or all of the following alerts:

  • Product Listing Alerts

  • Hijacker Alerts

  • Sales Rank Alerts

  • Price Change Alerts

  • Buy Box Alerts

  • Ratings and Reviews Alerts

  • Sellers Alerts

  • Out of Stock Alerts

Market Analytics

Market analytics are used to gain insights on any Amazon and Walmart category or subcategory and conduct keyword and best seller rank research to gain insights into which keywords to bid on and how to price your products.

Market Analytics Tools

The Best Seller Rank Browser Tool

Monitor ranks, analyze market dynamics and explore the top 100 selling products in over 20,000 different categories to analyze their price, ratings, and number of ratings to increase your odds of entering the BSR. You can also more effectively understand how products rank in terms of sales by browsing through real-time data points such as sales ranking, competitiveness score, ratings, reviews, price, estimated monthly sales, and estimated pre-COGS margin.

The Sales Estimator Tool

Predict your product sales with an AI-computed sales estimate metric, which links BSR to units sold, and provides you with the maximum and minimum estimated and aggregated sales estimates. Get estimates for any product’s last 30 days’ sales on Amazon, browse over 3M products with search filters, and predict your sales using valuable insights by combining the results with sales rank data and top-selling products data.

Finance Analytics

Finance analytics are exclusively for Amazon Seller Central merchants and 3P sellers to improve their business strategy by measuring financial health, assessing the most recent Amazon product sales data, and analyzing financial reports well as profit and loss-related analytics.

Finance Analytics Tools

The Profit and Loss Tracker Tool

Measure your sales performance by identifying your Amazon sales, costs, and profitability at a glance, and keep track of your revenues and expenses by determining which of your financial actions will lead to higher and more consistent profits.

  • Track your sales and expenditure in multiple currencies

  • Understand the true profitability across every Amazon Seller Account

  • Discover what cost drivers are contributing to your profitability trends

  • View P&L statements at a seller-account level or marketplace level

Finance Dashboard

Track daily changes in sales metrics by leveraging easier and better visibility of your Amazon sales performance by analyzing sales data in intuitive dashboards to assess the profitability of your products and determine which ones need improvement.

Analyze and monitor historical and current key financial metrics in charts and tables such as:

  • Sales

  • Orders

  • Expenses

  • Units sold

  • Returned units

  • Percentage of sales

  • Distribution of sales by product

Advertising Analytics

Advertising analytics are offered exclusively for Amazon brands at the moment. They are used to enhance the performance of your Sponsored Ads and reduce your ACoS on Amazon by providing you with KPIs on ASIN levels and custom reports on advertising metrics to understand the impact your ads have on your selling performance.

You can access all your Amazon Sponsored Ads data by connecting one or multiple Amazon ads accounts and access intuitive dashboards with relevant KPIs on account or child ASIN levels, such as impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, ad spend, ad sales, ACoS, TACoS, conversion rate, total sales, blended CPS, ad sales weight, organic sales, and post-ads margin.

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