Amazon sellers can connect multiple accounts to the same DataHawk account. This provides access to Finance and Sales data, which you can use to get intuitive sales reports and dashboards on both an account and product level right inside of DataHawk, while also making it possible to export the data to Google Sheets or BI tools.

How to connect your Amazon Seller Central account to DataHawk?

1. Go to the Sources overview and look for the Seller Central Integrations source. Click "+ Add"

2. This will lead you to the Add Source page, wherein you can select the geographical region of the marketplace you cater to. Hovering over the region will display the countries under the said regions.

3. Selecting the region will redirect you to the Amazon Seller Central Login page. Use your Amazon Seller ID and password to log in as usual.

4. Once logged in, you can view all the information your Selling Partner Account will be able to access. Click on the checkbox to authorize the application to do so on your behalf and click on "Confirm."

5. Post authorization, you will be redirected to the DataHawk Platform. Under the Seller Central tab, you can view the account(s) you allowed DataHawk to access.

Which marketplaces are supported?

DataHawk supports Seller Central reporting for three Amazon regions:

North America: US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Europe: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, UAE, Sweden, and Poland.

Far East: Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

How do we connect your account?

We connect to your Seller Central account via the Seller Partners API (SP-API). Read more about SP-API here. For users that had used our previously existing MWS credentials integration, everything remains the same. DataHawk has automatically migrated the credentials to SP-API.

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