Sometimes, our ready-to-use pre-built Google Sheets Dashboards may not be enough for all Google Sheets lovers. That can notably be the case if you have large volumes of data, if you want to go deeper in customizing which data and history you want to sync to Google Sheets, or if you want to create a file with multiple data sources.

Using our Snowflake Destination and a reverse ETL tool such as Hightouch, you can sync the data you want from your DataHawk-powered Snowflake database to Google Sheets, assuming you're still within Google Sheets cell limitations.

How To

  • On DataHawk, create a Snowflake Destination

  • On Hightouch, or the reverse ETL solution of your choice

    • Add your DataHawk-powered Snowflake Destination as a source

      • Use the credentials provided to you by DataHawk

        • Account Name

        • Warehouse

        • Database

        • User Name

        • Role

        • Password

      • If prompted, don't enable the warehouse planning option

      • Test the connection then finalize adding your source

    • Add Google Sheets as a Destination

    • Add a Model

      • Select your DataHawk-powered Snowflake as a Source

      • Select how you want to choose data to sync

        • The SQL Editor option allows you to write SQL queries to pull your desired data from your DataHawk-powered Snowflake database

        • The Table Selector option allows you to select entire tables or views from your DataHawk-powered Snowflake database

      • Finalize adding your Model

    • Add a Sync

      • Go to the Syncs page and add a Sync

      • Select your desired Model

      • Select your desired Destination

      • Select Mirror as an update method

      • Select the spreadsheet you would like to sync data to

      • Select the tab you would like to sync data to

      • Finalize configuring your Sync

    • Your data will start syncing automatically to your selected Google Sheet

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