DataHawk Connections allows you to automatically push data collected by DataHawk to other 3rd-party destinations, including syncing data to BI Solutions or to a Snowflake cloud warehouse.

While DataHawk natively supports Snowflake as a destination, it does not natively support Google Big Query, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Redshift.

However, there are two ways to sync data from a DataHawk-powered Snowflake database to Google Big Query, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Redshift:

  1. Through Database Replication with an ETL Solution

  2. Through a Custom Data Unload

ETL Database Replication

Your data team can sync data from DataHawk’s Managed Data Warehouse on Snowflake to your own Data Warehouse through a process called Database Replication, which is essentially an automated process to move large amounts of data from one database to another.

Some ETL solutions (Extract, Transform, Load) makes the process easy, including:

We notably recommend Fivetran which is quite intuitive, with clear pricing, and which is probably already used by your team or could serve your team in other areas.

Data Unload

Our team can also support you in setting up a custom Data Unload from Snowflake to your desired cloud warehouse. This is a paid service based on a one-time implementation fee, and the process will require your team to code the ingestion logic. This would take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for us to set up.

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