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FAQs about DataHawk Pricing
FAQs about DataHawk Pricing

Key information about pricing, subscription models and limitations

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How does DataHawk pricing work?

DataHawk is priced based on an annual subscription cost. The cost is broken down into a fixed software platform fee and a customizable credits cost.

What access does the platform fee cover?

The platform fee covers access to all of our software capabilities around automated data collection, storage, managed database, analytics, integrations, anomaly detection, and insights.

What are credits?

Credits are used to analyze and monitor, products, keywords, and categories. The volume of credits needed can be changed up or down at any time.

Is there a fee associated with implementing dashboards?

We provide free sample dashboards on multiple data visualization solutions such as Power BI and Looker Studio. Additional customization requirements are priced at a one-time cost depending on their complexities.

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