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September 2022 Pricing Changes FAQ
September 2022 Pricing Changes FAQ

Starting Sep 26, 2022, DataHawk is experimenting with a new simplified subscription model based on sales volume.

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The parameters of the new plans are such that they should cover the needs of 90%+ of the brands doing a given volume in sales. To know more about the subscription plan, click here.

This article addresses frequently asked questions of DataHawk customers that subscribed before Sep 26, 2022.

What happens to my existing subscription?

No change happens to your subscription unless you decide to make it. You can either stay in the old subscription you picked or move to one of the new plans. Should you choose to upgrade, you can do so from the "Update Subscription" within your account settings.

Should I migrate to the new plans?

That is entirely up to you and will depend on whether you believe one of the new plans would better cater to your needs, keeping in mind the new plans offer you access to all of the platform's functionalities.

When considering which new plan to potentially pick, make sure the plan's limits cover your current needs. Contact sales if you're doing more than $10M in annual sales.

Can I customize my plan?

No, you cannot customize your plan by yourself anymore. The new plans are simplified and have been shown to cover the needs of 90%+ of the brands within each sales volume.

However, if that is not the case, we suggest upgrading to the higher plan based on your requirements or contacting sales.

What happens if I hit the limits of my plan?

You should upgrade to the next plan. If you are on the Business plan and hit the limit, reach out to our sales team.

I don't need a certain component of the new plan. Can I get a reduced price?

A plan cannot be customized based on specific components. We believe brands can extract more value from DataHawk by using all of its functionalities and not just sub-components.

Will there be any further changes to the plan?

These changes were rolled out as an ongoing test on pricing and may be rolled back or changed further to accommodate business needs, in which case, you will be updated here.

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