At DataHawk, we have developed our own RESTful API, allowing you to manage your DataHawk account and access all the great metrics we provide without going through our web application.

DataHawk users that rely on our API typically use it to pull the metrics we provide and display them in their own internal systems, such as as data visualization tools (Tableau, QlikView, Looker etc.) or spreadsheets, adding them to other in-house data they have, hence extracting a lot of additional value and insights.

What can I do with the DataHawk API?

Here is a list of the current capabilities of our API:

  • Create, Edit, or Delete a Project
  • Add or Remove a Keyword or ASIN to track in a Project
  • Export the Metrics history of an ASIN (Price, number of Reviews, Rating, BSR...)
  • Export the Keywords ranking history of an ASIN based on the keywords you're tracking in the same project

We naturally welcome your feedback as to what additional capabilities you'd like to see in our API.

Read the DataHawk API Documentation

Click on the button below to read the API Swagger documentation.
Note: replace the wid parameters with the value "me"

To access your API Key, log in to your DataHawk account, navigate to your Account section from the left navigation menu, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the API Key section, you will find your secret API Key which you can then copy.

How much does the DataHawk API cost?

Keep in mind that using the API comes at an additional cost of $100/mo

You can naturally start testing it free of charge. After we notice a continued usage from your end, our support team will get in touch with you to confirm that you want to subscribe to the API and to update your subscription with the additional charge.

At this time, there is no rate limit in terms of the API calls you can make.

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